Water Systems

Groundwater is the sole source of water for the WMWC. This water is obtained through three wells located within the development. WMWC began delivering water in 2005 with two operation wells, and production of our third well began in 2006. WMWC provides a safe, dependable supply of drinking water to its customers. The Water meets all applicable water quality regulations required by the California Department of Public Health for safety, taste and appearance.

Along with our three production wells, we currently have a booster pump station that is sized to accommodate full build-out and two 500,000 gallon storage tanks, with a third 300,000 gallon storage tank planned for build-out. At build-out of the Woodlands Development, the water distribution system will include 15.7 miles of water distribution mains, 1.3 million gallons of storage, a booster pump station and three wells. Well water is chlorinated for disinfection prior to delivery to customers.

Woodlands MWC Water Systems