Consumer Information

Tiered Water Rates

Four (4) tiers or levels are used to minimize excessive water use.

  • Base Rate: The first 5 CCF per month of water use is included in the base water rate; this is equal to a water use of 125 gallons per day.
  • First Tier: In the first tier, you can use between 5 to 17.5 CCF per month. Effective 10/1/17 the rate is $2.78/CCF.
  • Second Tier: In the second tier, you can use between 17.5 to 50 CCF per month. Effective 10/1/17 the rate is $4.85/CCF.
  • Third Tier: The third tier starts when you use over 50 CCF per month. Effective 10/1/17 this additional use is billed at $6.30/CCF.

Example of customer using 7 CCF per month (base rate):

Example of customer using 23.5 CCF per month (first tier):

Example of customer using 53.5 CCF per month (second tier):

Base Water
The base water rate of $17.48 per month includes 5 units or 5 hundred cubic feet (CCF) of water per month. This is equivalent to 125 gallons per day.

A CCF is 100 cubic feet or 748 gallons. Most customers will use 18 CCF per month on an annual average, or 448 gallons.

Supplemental Water
WMWC has entered into a Memorandum of Understanding with the Nipomo Community Services District (NCSD) for the safe and efficient use of water on the Nipomo Mesa as well as the sharing of certain costs associated therewith.

The NCSD has proposed the use of some supplemental water for its existing and future users and WMWC has agreed to participate in the costs, provided that a portion of the supplemental water would be made available to The Woodlands in case of emergency. The cost set for this is $87.40 per month for a residential single family home.