Commercial Rates

Commercial Rate Structure and Meter Options

WMWC provides water and wastewater service at cost to both residential and commercial customers within its service boundaries. As an existing or potential owner of a commercial property within the WMWC service area, it is important for you to understand our commercial rate structure before making a final decision on the size of your water meters.

Each commercial property has two water services extended to a meter box behind the sidewalk. One meter is intended for landscape use, the other is for indoor use. The indoor meter will be used to determine the volume of wastewater that is discharged to the WMWC sewer system, which will impact your monthly sewer cost. For this reason, it is important that all outdoor irrigation be connected to the irrigation meter. The existing infrastructure was designed to be flexible, and each service can accommodate a 1 ½” water meter.

Please complete the Commercial Water Meter Set Request Form when you are ready to request your meters.

Please contact Lonnie Richardson or Rob Miller at (805) 540-5208 for assistance in sizing or choosing the best meter size for your needs.

The chart below shows the cost for water and sewer, based upon the size of meter that you choose for your location.

Woodlands Mutual Water Company Commercial Rate Structure
Water Charges Sewer & Supplemental Water Charges
Base Tier Tier 1
Meter Size Meter Capacity Factor in Comparison to 1″ Meter Water Meter Installation Charge Base water charge per month Quantity of water provided per month (CCF) Tier 1 Water rate per CCF Quantity of water provided in Tier 1 (CCF) Sewer charge per month (see note 3) Supplemental Water Volume Charge Supplemental Water Monthly Fixed Charge
1″ 1.0 $550.00 $ 18.00 9 $   2.78 >9 $68.43 $ 2.14 $43.11
1.5″ 2.0 $1,000.00 $  36.01 9 $   2.78  >9   $136.85         $2.14          $43.11
2″ 3.2 $2,350.00 $  57.61 9 $   2.78 >9 $218.97 $2.14 $43.11
     1.   Water volumes are calculated in CCF, where 1 CCF = 748   gallons
       2. A 1.5″ meter has a meter capacity factor of 2.0, which means the capacity of a 1.5″ meter is approximately 2 times that of a 1″ meter
     3.   Sewer fees are only charged on the indoor water meter